My First Sale

I just know that I’m going to have questions on this later so I am going to go ahead and tell this story. If you are in sales or have ever been in sales then you already know that closing the sale can sometimes be the hardest part of a sale. You see a sales breaks down into many parts. If you go through every step properly then you will end up the best possible end result…closing the sale. I will say that every sale is different but it follows the same process in order to get to the result. For myself it all starts with presentation. The more you are prepared to walk into that room, the higher your confidence is. Not arrogance, but high confidence will give a great first impression to you customer. If you can give the correct presentation to you customer then you have overcome one of the biggest obstacle, getting in the door. I don’t want to go into too much detail on what I consider to be a great way to be prepared. I will take time to break that down into several segments so that I’m able to be a little more detailed. Plus, everyone has their own spin on all of these tactics, I’m just here┬áto give some great examples. When I walked into my first apartment complex I thought I had prepared enough to get this sale. I went into my meeting with the manager of the property with no expectation but to get them signed up on this wonderful service that I was convinced is quite convenient and easy. You have to start a meeting strong. Ater all parties are present and situated I always like to make my presence known immediately and what I am here for. Once that is established, I get everyone’s undivided attention for my well prepared presentation. To be honest, once all eyes are on me, I know that I am all that they are thinking about. Every time a sales meeting starts all of the butterflies and nerves have left my body I really get in the zone. I found myself giving a spectacular presentation. After a great presentation I closed the deal on a great sale by asking for the sale. If you never ask for the sale you’ll never get it. I came back the next day with all the information that they would need to start making themselves and me money using this service.

If you’d like to learn more about what I do and how I get sales contact me at one of the following for more and for more updates follow and watch my videos!

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