Mother’s Day

Obviously it’s only fitting to write about your mother on a day such as today…Mother’s Day. I’m just a day late because I was with my mom yesterday. I have a weird situation when it come to having a mother. When I was a young boy my mother passed away when I was about 3, maybe 4. I had a hard time understanding what that really meant for me until later on in life. Luckily though, my father fell in love again with a wonderful woman that I now also call my mother. What you probably have in your head at the moment and what actually happened are two completely different stories…trust me. After my mom passed, my Grandmother moved in with us to helpy father take care of my brother and me. That woman is amazing and I thank her every day for the knowledge she passed on to me. This was my new life until one day, my father had to explain that he was traveling to Europe and he’ll be back soon. What I didn’t understand is that he had been chatting with a woman online in Belgium and was going to meet her. It didn’t process for a while but I give my parents credit for making a crazy transition. My parents were able to take 2 kids of their own, speaking different languages, and completely different races and blend us together. I don’t remember how long it took, but each side of my family would go back and forth from Texas to Belgium. Could you imagine being a single parent with 2 toddlers traveling across the world to meet their new family?!?! Like I said before, I still think my parents are crazy for pulling this off in the first place. My dad brought us to Belgium at least twice while my brother and I were only 2 and 5. I was blessed to be able to experience another world at such a young age. I guess you could say my sisters are just as blessed to experience and eventually move to America at the age of 3 and 4. That’s right, if you were paying attention you noticed that we were all born one year after the other. If you didn’t already know, my dad, brother and myself are all Afro-American. It would only make sense that I had the same race as my mother and I did…initially. The new half of my family was white and I didn’t think much of it, but throughout life I have realized that a lot of people still care about race. And what a head turner in general, we were an interracial Brady Bunch! My family laughs about it all the time. My mother had the craziest job ever to not only raise and unify 4 children all close to the same age, but she also worked and had a social life. I still have no clue how she did it. Just one school day when we were all young would consist of my mother making sure we were awake, then go get ready for work,  sometimes take 4 kids to 3 separate schools, because of age, then go to work until we go out of school, then she’D come home and cook, make sure we were doing homework, go to the gym, and then some how still have time and energy for her husband and herself. That was a typical day and obviously no day is typical so my parents, especially my mother, did so much for us. I just wanted to say Thank You for some how sticking through raising us 4 crazy kids. I love you and I know they do too.

Thank you for being my mother!

Happy Mother’s Day

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