I love Addison, TX

I reference where I live quite a lot and that’s because it’s a very special place. My neighborhood is so friendly and such a community. Everyone in what we call “the circle” are for the most part very nice to one another. Just to clarify, unless something is absolutely 100% of the population, I always say a little something to make sure you understand I believe in the exception. Picture this, 4 story brick buildings with shops, businesses, restaurants, and bars on the first floor with people living above everything for 5 square miles. All in a quiet hidden community right outside of Dallas full of green grass and trees with beautiful flowers and well shaped bushes to compliment the well formed architecture and layout. A dog friendly environment with very little kids and a community of people that actually are a community. There are plenty of exceptions in “the circle” but for the most part everyone is a wonderful human being. On a normal day, I find myself out on a walk with my dog and I will end up running into at least one person that I know well enough to have a conversation with. I feel that this is a very rare occurrence In modern day America. I love how I can just walk outside and have an interactive experience without using the Internet. I feel like in the time that we live in this isn’t just different but almost difficult for some people. I am the typical introvert that can occupy my own time and be very content but Addison brought out another side of me. It’s like the snowball effect. I just go outside and end up getting into something with some of the good people that I have been introduced to in Addison. Every time I am out and about in this little paradise, the introductions continue to grow. No matter where I go, I meet someone and I usually run into them again. It’s like becoming a small celebrity because all of the people that I know. As the web of people grew, I got deeper interactions with each person. Now I’m a social butterfly and will introduce myself to new people to tell them how wonderful Addison is and what they need to take full advantage of this beautiful place. I give introductions to certain individuals that I believe can grow a positive relationship. I credit this new talent to the wonderful community of Addison, TX.




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