What a powerful tool this can be and at the same time what a train wreck it can create. I live in a place where people are at the bar consuming a large amount of alcohol on a regular basis. This can lead to a many of different outcomes throughout the night or for some people during the day. Alcohol is a mind altering substance that has many different effects on different individuals and as someone drinks more, a change or extension in personality can be seen dramatically. Now to most people, this is already obvious, I just have to explain just in case. I have some basic categories of drinkers that I have come across that I am going to break down for you so that you may determine who you come across and what you might be yourself.

Reasons to drink:

  1. To be social/connect
  2. To open your shell
  3. To escape/forget
  4. To get drunk
  5. To find a mate
  6. To celebrate

The issue is, no matter what you started drinking for, the end result can be catastrophic when too much is consumed. I want you to think about every single time you have had an extended period with the over consumption alcohol. If you think back, most evenings started with what I have listed above. The end result of too much alcohol is always the same:

  1. Being too drunk
  3. Injury to yourself or others
  4. Hangovers
  5. Memory Loss
  6. Black out
  7. Throwing up
  8. Long term body damage
  9. Any thing from “The Hangover” movie series.

I am in no way, shape, or form bashing on drinking alcohol because that would just be hypocritical. All I want to get across is that you should control how much you consume because there are consequences to the intake of alcohol. It is technically a poison that we choose to drink in order to feel the mind altering effect that it has. I myself drink about every 2 days and have at least 3 beers every time I do drink. However, it is very rare for me to get out of control and drunk. I don’t think it’s smart or attractive and neither does that person you’ve been talking to at the bar. Don’t feel like you have to get sloppy just to “be yourself”. Just¬†remember while you’re drinking that once you finish, you’ll still have to deal with the side-effects of overconsumption so have control.

This is more of a rant and not on my typical topics but this is the Mr. Vance Paynter Experience so I am allowed to write about whatever I feel. Heck, it’s the internet, I am allowed to write about whatever I feel like and if I have the right tools, no one can stop me. Speak your voice and connect with me:


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