TEN Ramen

There’s this growing little area in West Dallas a few miles north of Bishop Arts District that some call West Commerce. Right in front of a new high rise apartment, there are some shops that go up and down this street, Sylan Ave. My buddy from back in college decided that he wanted to open up a restaurant in their growing area. Using some of his closest friends as employees, he started a ramen bar. To be honest I didn’t even go the the restaurant for a year only because of some financial issues. One day I had to have a meeting with a come of business partners and we decided that it would be a good idea to make the Ramen bat our new meeting spot. So we went to this hidden gem on the back side of the shops called TEN Ramen. Upon entry, you immediately see a huge wooden bar in a small room with a kitchen right on the other side giving you full view of what is being made. To the right is a large chalk board with all of the menu item, a special of the day, and an anime character drawing. On the back wall are some instructions on how to order. They proceed by incoming you to use the iPad to select what you’d like to eat and you then pay for it right there. The chefs then get a ticket either your order and will call out your name when the food is ready. He has a few “joke” rules posted with a pretty serious one that explains there’s no to go box. What a concept! For that delicious food, you have to be at the facility! And let me tell you, it’s some delicious food. I had this warm and comforting pork bowl full of veggies and noodles that I couldn’t get enough of. After the noodles, as stated in the rules, I was slurpted down the soup until the bowl was empty. The dish left me wanting more but full enough so I could tell I had a good meal. I recommend that everyone in the metroplex take se time to go to this wonderful place called TEN Ramen.


Here’s the address:
1888 Sylvan Ave Dallas, TX 75208


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