Ida Claire

If you are looking for some downright southern homestyle cooking that will make you feel like you are still a young child at your grandmother’s house having a meal that you know only she can make that always leaves you full, then you need to head to Ida Claire in wonderful Addison, TX. On Beltline right off of the tollway down restaurant road, there’s a the perfect brunch spot right on the corner with a giant stone hand on the lawn and an old airstream trailer parked in the patio. You have to park around back because the restaurant is right on the street so the entrance is actually around back. Now if you plan on going for brunch as I normally do, I suggest you get there a little early unless you are ok with a little bit of a wait. Trust me, they are always busy for brunch. Don’t let that discourage you, they serve some fantastic brunch inspired drinks that will keep you plenty satisfied while you wait. Before you even go in the restaurant, you walk by the airstream trailer and the rest of the patio where they can open up some large windows that give access to the bar inside where you can get a mint julep or a scarlet letter that’ll give you a nice wake up call. The restaurant is full of memorabilia from traveling all around the world learning about cultures and food that form the inspiration for restaurant and it’s menu. Once seated you will notice the nice appetizer china and napkins with some very unique rings holding them all together. I highly recommend starting your meal with crawfish corn beignets as an appetizer. This dish is a perfect way to start out you experience that your taste buds will go through with anything you order here. Now you have to get the chicken and waffles as a main course. It’ll be the best waffle that you have ever had; I can promise you that. A bacon filled cornmeal based waffle with egg, fried chicken, and syrup on top. Now the eggs come over-easy so if you would like them a little different just let them know. With every bite that you take it leave you wanting more with so many different types of flavor. A waffle is already dessert for breakfast, adding bacon, egg, and fried chicken is like having two different meals all on one plate. What a fantastic dish! If you are up for it after your stomach settles a little, you might be interested in one of their seasonal desserts that are as large as your face and rich enough to keep the flavor in your mouth all the way home. The next time you think about brunch, remember Ida Claire.


The address:
5001 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254


Take a look at the menu here:

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