Mick Jenkins

Do you listen to hip-hop? or rap? funk? Do you know who Chance the Rapper is? Maybe Childish Gambino? If you can say yes to any of these questions then I have someone that you should go listen to right now!! Mick Jenkins is a low toned, open-minded, hardcore rapper that knows exactly how he wants his music to sound. His first album, Water(s), has very low tone, murky bass with ominous melodies and some smooth drum patterns to tie it all together. When Mick Jenkin’s tone of voice and these well produced beats come together, each track gives you this feeling of being underwater. Now he isn’t like many rappers that you hear on the radio. The 20 something year old that reps Chicago preaches about the beauties of the planet and how water is the source of healing, progression, and survival. Telling us that no matter what happens, you should use your mind to stay away from all the nonsenses that modern day america would like us to believe is true. He has hidden messages and suggestions like, form your own opinions based on your own mistakes and successes. He tells his story in which he makes mistakes and the lessons that he has learned from them. All this around a well grammered and witty rhymed lyrics that keep you wanting to hear more. Each time you hear one of his songs, you understand a little more and realize that the way he writes is deeper than what you had perceived originally. I still listen to this album and discover something that I hadn’t heard yet.

Now he has a second album that he has come out with called, Waves. The concept of this album doesn’t completely reflect the first album that Mick Jenkins came out with. Of course the word, Waves, has a resemblances to water or, Water(s), but it also has another obvious meaning in music which would be sound waves. With this album, Mick Jenkins has focused more on the instrumentation and orchestration of each song bringing more of a funk vibe back to hip-hop. With a combination of some heavy old-school bass melodies, funky drums, and a deep toned voice singing about love, progression, and peace for everyone. Combine all of that with his great mic presence, lyrics, and some more hardcore rap mixed in with the beat to back it, you have, Waves. There are songs on this album that just make you want to get up and start dancing like it’s 1972, or at least what I think that would be like, and at the same time that hardcore vibe that he brought in his first album. He has even managed to turn up the complexity of his lyrics and make us think while getting down to a groovy track. Now I know most people really don’t care about the lyrics, but for his original fans, the feeling is still there and improved. This man is making some great music and has potential to go very far in his career and I will continue to support him on this journey and you should too.

Example of the first album, Water(s):

Example of the second album, Waves:

Bonus, great video & lyrics:



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