Eatzi’s Market & Bakery

Recently I went to lunch again at what I would call a fresh market where you can also get pre-made healthy meals. I go there for one particular item, a sandwich. I can say that’s one of my favorite foods on the planet. I’ll have a whole different article just about sandwiches later on. Eatzi’s has fresh everything but my favorite fresh is bread. I can never get enough fresh bread. Even when I’m full and I can’t eat anything else, I will have a piece of fresh bread. When it comes to a sandwich one of the essential parts is some nice fresh bread. Eatzi’s has plenty of choices when it comes to the types of bread that you can choose from to start a fantastic sandwich. Even though it’s not the best for you, my favorite type of bread is the classic French bread. I believe that it has one of the best flavor and consistency. The sandwich station has plenty of choices for meat and veggies including some choices that are considered foreign to most people like Prosciutto and capricola. Two delicious meats that I love to put on a sandwich. After you pick your bread type, a decision has to be made on which spread in any you would like that they make there. Add two types of meat and cheese then tell them that you want it baked. They will wrap up your sandwich and have you take it over to the other side of the store to get baked. It takes about 10 minutes then you can go back over to the sandwich side and get veggies and other toppings to finish off your sandwich. You can get all of this for only $7.49! I think that’s a deal and a half for the quality level of food that Eatzi’s has. That’s just one if the many hidden gems in this place. It’s a fresh market, a grocery store, a place to get away from the corporate grocery and support local business. You can even get some fresh Fried Chicken with country sides all made right there, in house. The great part is at the same time you can go and pick up fresh vegetables, fruit, and other meats to use throughout the week or even just enough for the day so that you never waste any food. To go along with all of this great food is the fantastic service. They people that work there are always upbeat and eager to help out or even just strike up a conversation. If you live close to Eatzi’s, you better walk in. It could change the way you look at life.


To experience a different type of market:
5967 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75093


Here’s an example of one of the sandwiches:


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