Cantina Laredo

I was recently out on a date with my girlfriend who was craving some Mexican food so we decided to go out to Cantina Laredo for dinner. Cantina Laredo is based on modern Mexican cuisine instead of taking more traditional route bringing a different feel to Mexican cuisine. It’s still a fast casual restaurant where you can sit down and get a great meal in an inviting enviorement. The servers there usually start by offering a margarita which I can tell you is usually pretty strong so if you are up for a little buzz then I recommend you start with one. Just like most Mexican restaurant, they start you off with some chips and salsa.

Cantina Laredo always gives you two types of salsa which gives you an option when it comes to the flavor you prefer. I prefer the chunky salsa because I think it is a little spicier but the decision is of course up to you at the end of the day. One of the more interesting items on the menu is the Guacamole. They server will come around with all of the raw ingredients and asks you what you would like in the Guacamole then proceeds to make the dip right in front of you. I’d say that this show in front of you is a unique experience that isn’t a huge deal but it is a memorable addition to your meal and it shows how fresh the food is.

The menu is full of items you may think you recognize or have seen at other Mexican Restaurants but I tell you now they aren’t anything that you’ve had before. This time I got the Mahi Mahi tacos which is a newer item on the menu. First of all, Cantina Laredo is one of the few restaurants that is pretty efficient when it comes to getting your food out to you in a reasonable time. The turn around time from when you order to having food on the table is impressive in itself. Back to the tacos, they give you 3 corn tortillas piled high with toppings that you have to carefully fold and eat. The Mahi Mahi tacos are light and full of flavor; when you bit into one of the tacos, you get this burst of flavor from the fish with crisp, fresh marinated veggies complimenting the fish with a little chipotle aioli on top to tie the taco all together. They give you a couple sides of beans and cilantro rice to go along with your meal. If you are in the mood for some delicious fish tacos I highly recommend these tacos from Cantina Laredo.

The meal doesn’t stop there though, this restaurant has a unique dessert that has to be ordered if you haven’t had it before. They call it the Mexican Apple Pie. When you order one the server some of with a hot skillet, some type of brandy butter, a big piece of pie, and a big scoop of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream depending on what you prefer. The server then drops the butter on the skillet letting it almost instantly melt and bubble up. He then added the pie to the skillet and lastly carefully placed the ice cream on top of the pie. Now that’s what I call dessert! Next time you are craving some modern Mexican food head on over to Cantina Laredo for a good meal.


I went to the Addison location which is at 4546 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75244.


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