HopDoddy Burger Bar

I’ve been doing my best to stay away from the red meat of late to help myself loose a couple pounds but every once and a while you have to treat yourself to something delicious as a good job for staying on your meal plan. Since it was Friday, I had just been paid, and I put in a decent amount of time at the gym it was time for a little treat for myself. I was craving a burger but I didn’t want just any burger and fries; this had to be a burger in the elite class. Luckily for me there’s a shopping center a couple of streets from Addison Cirlce full of some unique and delicious food for me to choose from. The best place for a burger in this little area off the tollway is HopDoddy Burger Bar. This is an Austin, TX based restaurant that has expanded into the North Texas area and further. My first experience there was during the lunch rush when I met up with a buddy who also worked close by so we decided to go to what was a new spot at the time. He had heard that it was the best burger around. I love testing out every restaurant that claims they are the best at something; this statement can literally make or break a restaurant based on the competition. As you walk up to the restaurant, you’ll notice the beautiful patio which in Texas if it’s not raining, we prefer to sit outside. When you open the door and head inside, you are greeted by a smiling face that asks, “have you ever been here before?”. The usual answer to this question is, “no”, as they proceed to hand you a menu and explain a little bit about what you can get at HopDoddy Burger Bar. The greeter gives you a number that represents where you sit so that everything stays organized. You then proceed forward to a counter where you can hear and smell all of the amazing food that the chefs are preparing right behind the counter. The menu varies based on location, but my favorite option on the “Village on the PKWY” menu, my favorite option is “Buffalo Bill”. This is a ground Bison burger with Apple bacon, Blue jack cheese, Hot Sauce, Sassy Sauce, Lettuce, Onion, and Tomato all on a fresh bun. It’s a juicy burger full of flavor and some spice that will give your taste bud a little kick.  I am obsessed with French fries so every time they are an option, I order them. Especially when the restaurant has a special French fry plate, I have to order it. HopDoddy Burger bar has an interesting take on fries with their “Truffle Fires”! These fries compliment any of the wonderful burgers on the menu with a unique flavor that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. To be honest this is a place that you have to experience for yourself with the wide range of options per location. Go treat yourself to a fantastic burger!

For the menu at each location:


This is the “Buffalo Bill”:

What the Addison location looks like:

And some Truffle fries:

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