New Artist Alert – KYLE

There’s an artist that I’ve been following since before he was anywhere near famous and he’s just keep growing. I don’t know him personally and I’m not his biggest fan but I knew he was going to make it. I have a great intuition about musicians and who really has potential to be a star. I have predicted other artists before like Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and even Drake. Now I’m not saying that everyone that I predict is going to be the next big thing or that I know the best music in the world. All I know is that i, like some pretty good music and I can keep you interested with an artist that you probably haven’t heard of. This man right here is one of this people. He is a fantastic singer and rapper that is anything but conventional when it comes to song composition. The production choice is unique while his choice in topic ranges from put down your phone and let’s make love to personal conversation about faults that he has been through to get to the stage he’s at now. With an image that is all suburbs, he can relate to a group of kids that don’t have as much music to relate to as you might think. Heck I was that kid and I feel like I still am. That’s why I do my best to promote people like him for the lost soul like me. Trust me, go start with his single “Keep it Real” and work your way through the first album and then into some other killer singles like “Just a Picture” and you’ll find yourself at his most current album “Smyle” which showcases some well thought out production creating a unique sound that is KYLE. Go check him out as he continues to grow into a superstar.

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