Taco Borracho

As you may know already, I live in a beautiful hidden community called Addison Circle. I haven’t done any reviews on any restaurants where I live and that needs to change. Taco Borracho or, “Drunken Taco”, is a place to be for many reasons rough out the week. The first location is a little taco shop down-town that always seems to have a long line out of the door on a party night like Friday or Saturday.

Taco Borracho is one of the best places to get some street tacos that you might even want to get on the run as you are exploring down-town Dallas or Addison. They have this great combo you should try that includes 3 tacos of your choice, chips, salsa, and a drink all for $9 plus tax of course. I usually grab a chicken, pulled pork, and shrimp; trust me these are fantastic. Borracho has great food but still not like the second location that has opened up in Addison gives you something a little more.

When you decide to come to the Addison location, you’ll discover that it’s a bit different. First you’ll notice a size difference as the bar itself is about the size of the other location. This location has a beautiful patio with a nice outdoor sectional underneathe the shade of the building and plenty of bar high chairs and tables with umbrellas to continue the shade throughout the entire patio. This creates one of the best outside atmospheres in Texas with TVs and seating underneathe this giant shaded area.

Thanks to the large amount of alcohol that we consume, specials are all over the circle in order to attract the large amount of clientele that lives and worked in the area. Taco Borracho has some of the best specials throughout the week like $2 cans a few days out of the week, $3 mimosas on Sunday’s, and specials like $5 crown & down during certain times. All of this on a great patio that accomadates the Texas heat well with a cool beverage.

This also happens to be one of the local hangout spots where people like myself who live in Addison Circle like to meet up for a drink to chat, a quick place for a meal, or even a recovery breakfast from a night of having a great time on the town. Taco Borracho is a place that you can almost disappear into with plenty of activities to keep anyone entertained. They even have a giant form of Jenga, darts, and if on the weekend they have a beer pong table that is set up inside for even more fun.

If you are looking for some local atmosphere and flavor then this is the place for you!

The menu can be found here: http://www.allmenus.com/tx/northeast/313241-taco-borracho/menu/

Here’s an example of the 3 taco combo:


Another tasty treat:

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