Fried Pies for All

Living in Dallas has plenty of foodie advantages like the great amount of food trucks that roam around the great city of Dallas, TX. I don’t try to find a particular food truck, but if I run into one of my favorites you can bet that I’ll be spending my money on that food truck. One of my favorite food trucks to run into in Dallas is “Fired Pies for All”. They hand make pies in a remote kitchen and then freeze them overnight so that they last all day or at least until they run out. This truck is owned by a couple ladies and one of their husbands that helps out with the financial backing. These ladies work 12 hours a day making the pies for half of the day and then cooking and serving them the other half of the day.

Fried Pies for All doesn’t just pride themselves on making a tasty dessert, they also make savory pies that are meals wrapped up in a pie crust and ready to go. They have some fantastic favors for a meal like Green Chile Chicken which is like a green salsa combined with some fantastic chicken and I’m pretty sure a little cheese all in a pie crust to hold it all together. One of my favorite pies that they have is the BBQ Pulled Pork. I don’t have to explain this at all. These ladies make some great BBQ. When you combine that with a fried pie it makes some fantastic food.

Then you have to go order one of the sweet pies that will cap off your evening. I love the caramel apple pie; it’s what a McDonald’s apple pie should be made out of and taste like. These ladies make a fried pie that tastes like an old home style pie that your grandmother made and then put it in a fryer. Every time I see this truck I get excited and start craving some more apple pies. They offer a nice fork & knife to eat with, but I recommend letting your pie cool for a little while and then eat the delicous treat with your hands so that you don’t ruin the shape. This way you are able to take your pie on the go and continue your adventure throughout the city or go find a nice quiet place to escape work.

Fried Pies for All stands out when it comes to a type of concept and for that itself you should want to go try a couple of pies. Don’t let this take away from the food though. These ladies know exactly what flavor is and they packed it down perfectly into a perfect sized pie that they can serve you from a truck! If you ask me this is incredible and you need to go get yourself one immediately.

Here’s an example of the full menu:

Here’s an example of one of the pies:

And just in case you didn’t know what the truck might look like:

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