Lenny’s Subs

This has to be one of my favorite places of all time. At one point I actually use to work at a Lenny’s Subs. To this day, I still claim to be the best ever sandwich maker. I started out making the cold sandwiches and then headed to the back o start making the hot sandwiches on the griddle. Lenny’s has quite a lot of popular combinations but one of the top sandwiches to try would be the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. This is also happens to be one of my all time favorite sandwiches to make and eat.

You see, when it comes to that griddle. No one can cook a better sandwich than me….well maybe my buddy Mason but that”s a personal argument. Yes I said “cook” a sandwich and meant cook because it takes love and effort to make a sandwich in the grill. Remember I use to work here so stick with me on the process. I start with some hot oil chopped onion, green pepper, jalapenos, and some raw strip steak on top. I allow it to cook for a little while and then proceed to take my two spatulas and slice them up and start to mix everything together. I then add a little bit of the secret seasoning chop and mix again and then let it all sizzle. Once all of the ingredients have a nice char I chop and stir a few more times until everything is almost cooked. That mixture gets covered in cheese with a lid in order to help melt the cheese. I then takeĀ a fresh piece of French Bread cut open but still connected and put a little butter on the flat sides. I lay the butter side on the griddle and let the toast for 30 seconds or so. By the time I take off the bread, the cheese has melted and the meat is ready. I then place then take my spatulas and gently take the entire beautiful mixture of meat and cheese and place it in the semi-halved french bread. You have to wait a minute to eat it but trust me it’s worth it.

Lenny’s also offers a brand of chips that have all of the flavors that anyone could desire to go along with your perfect sandwich. Let me tell you right now, when you bite into any Lenny’s sandwich all you taste is the quality of ingredients that they use to put into every sandwich. With fresh cut meat and cheese, bread baked in-house, and all fresh veggies, it doesn’t matter what you eat here because it’s going to be fantastic. It even shows in the small desserts that they have up front. Every day they fresh bake cookies in the morning and throughout the day because they always run out. Could you imagine having a giant fresh cookie after a delicious sandwich.

The only problem with Lenny’s is that the locations aren’t abundant even though they should be. It’s worth the journey to Downtown Dallas or if you are ever in Denton or Rockwall I suggest you stop by and try out something on the menu.

Here’s a couple examples of some sandwiches. On the left is the Philly and the right a custom Turkey club:

This is what the Downtown Dallas location looks like:


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