Boogie – Sunroof ft. Dana Williams

I have been on a constant search to stay away from what I consider nonsense music that will lower your IQ as you are listening. It’s hard to completely avoid the mumble rap phase but there’s still some great hip-hop music being released. Luckily I have know where to dig and have found some gems for you all.

One of the first songs that I will be showing you is titled “Sunroof” by a Cali rapper named Boogie. He is not to be confused with the other rapper, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. He uses the phrase “Westsideboogie” to differentiate himself from this other artist that has no relation or similarities to him. Boogie gives us a great cruising track with a relaxed, top down, sunroof open melody. Everyone can relate to this songs as it’s about releasing your problems and watch them fly away as you enjoy the day. A well deserved break from all of the current hot music made for much different situations. Everyone who has ever had a car with a stereo system has had their windows down at one point in time with the music so loud.


That’s exactly where this song applies so well. Boogie has us all feeling like it’s a sunny day and that everything is going to be alright as long as we cruise along to his song. It’s all about being with a beautiful woman that you love as much as the wonderful day that’s happening when you’re with her. The video shows Boogie going through a nice sunny day as he runs into a lot of the women that he knows in the neighborhood. He eventually proceeds to a nice car ride through beautiful california. They have the sunroof open and the are enjoying the ride as they let the stress fly like the song says. Boogie helps us to realize that we need to just enjoy the day and put a smile on our face.

We all need to appreciate the positive vibe and energy that Boogie exerts through this song as he gives us all a smooth vibe track that we can jam out to. He claims the West Coast or West Side of the US and that he loves his woman the same way he loves this side of the map and who can blame him. With beautiful weather, legal weed, and beautiful people, how could one not enjoy the Westside. Boogie is an up & coming artist with many tracks to come. I can’t wait to vibe out with with the man as he continues to make great music. Now say it with me…”I love you like the West Side”


Here is the video:


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