Save Your Money #savemoney

Labeled by an older generation as “Millennials”, which some of you might not be, we have certain stereotypes that have been cast on us. One of those large stereotypes is that we are terrible with money. Since I was 17, almost 18, I have been on a mission to be financially responsible and eventually independent. So I started to evaluate my life and exactly what I am spending all of my money on.

At this young age of course I wasn’t making all the money in the world, but I considered myself to be fortunate enough to get a job that tips very well and was relationship based. I was a dock hand at a big party lake. Plenty of tipsy wealthy people to make friends with that need you help with their boats that they don’t really know much about. So I became an expert in anything that I could that revolved around boating, that marina, and anything that had to do with this lake. With all of this useful information the tips started pouring into my pocket. At the age of 18 I felt like a millionaire. I was having a lot of fun spending all of my money on women and fun. I’d be broke one day and have $1,000 in my pocket the next, it was a grand ol’ time. Eventually this had to stop though…


I started to want to do something besides pretend like I can party with all of these wealthy people when I don’t have money like them. I realized that I am a little young and needed to figure out exactly what I can do in order to achieve that financial freedom. So I started doing what I do best, research. After many articles, Youtube videos, a few books, and asking many questions, I came to the conclusion that I needed to start saving money in order to start my journey to financial independence. Based on my particular spending habits at the time, I knew that was going to be difficult.

I discovered that a saving system is key for myself in order to keep on track and obtain the goals that I set for myself. Based on how I got paid, I got lucky that a system hit me right in the face. I was making a decent hourly wage that came in check every two weeks just like everyone else at the age of 18. I also had plenty of cash tips coming in daily. Ding! Ding! Ding! The solution to saving was right in front of my face. The way I saw it, I had two separate sources of income and that works out perfect for a saving system. I decided to save every check that I was getting directly deposited in that bank. This made my life easy and made saving money easy so I wanted to turn it up on myself. Obviously I had to cut back on some financial spending and that wasn’t easy, but I realized that what I was spending money on was unnecessary.


I started cutting back more on life in general and all of a sudden I had plenty of cash sitting around too. I was working toward becoming on of those guys who always tips me well so that I could inspire someone like myself. So I decided to take every solid $100 I made, I would put in a safe place and forget about it. I know this may not sound like much but this all eventually starts to build up and put a nice smile on your face. With my checks and part of my cash being saved, I had thousands saved up in no time! I had to save up so that I could get out of my parents house before I had to start paying for rent and school. I saved up enough money to get my own place and start a business that I have always wanted. So in the end I was able to profit from saving.

Now I know that this situation may not apply to everyone and because so, I am going to give you all a method to help everyone save a little more. You see technology is a beautiful and can be used to help us solve life’s everyday problems. In this case there are savings apps that can help you with a savings system. Services like Acorns and Digit help you by forcing money out of your account and into another one without you making the conscious decision to save. Digit is just a saving service while Acorns invests your money in the stock market and lets it grow. I will write another article soon comparing these services and others. Remember Millennials, we invent new ways to help ourselves do what Generation X traditionally might have done.



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