2013 Mercedes E350

As I have stated in my new topics post, I am going to start talking about cars as much as possible since I am obsessed with them. I have always been fascinated by vehicles and there’s a large community on the internet that I would like to be a part of. So here’s where I begin, reviewing used cars that the average person like you and I might have somewhat of an interest in.

I begin my journey with a car that I have had a lot of time around that I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time around thanks to my father. He actually purchased one used which is the purpose of these reviews in the first place. That way you all may understand what it means to purchase a used version of this vehicle. I will show you what a well taken care of used car should look like. Some of the key things you should look for in this vehicle is the while purchasing a used one.


It’s crucial for any used cars to take a look at the outside and make sure that you are ok paying for whatever possible damage may be on the outside. You are deciding to purchase a used car which means that someone else had to take care of this vehicle. Not everyone takes care of their vehicle as well as they should so you have to understand that a small amount of minimal damage is a part buying a used car.

When it come to a mercedes, there are three main things that you need to pay attention to. The sound of the engine, the ride comfort, and quality of the interior. I know most of you may not know what a well running engine sounds like, but I can guarantee you if you hear something that sounds wrong, you should question it. When it comes to the drive, a Mercedes should be nothing but smooth and quiet when it comes to the E-Class. You may have a little noise when it come to a bump in the road, but normal road noise should be very minimal. The steering wheel should feel very responsive and smooth around sharper corners. At high speeds there should be no wobble what so ever as the quality of the E-Class shows excellence.


The interior is a little more difficult to explain. Obviously you must look for cracks and tears in the seats but a luxury vehicle has leather in other areas. Be sure that you check all of the leather and that you are ok with any possible damage that it might have. A few extras that you might want to ask about are floor mats, the navigation chip and the interior lighting. Not every car came with these features and as you can imagine some of them may be misplaced or damaged. Take a good look at the infotainment system and make sure that all functions still work as computers malfunction too. If anything is wrong it’s a simple programming error and should be too big of a deal.

As a used car, The 2014 Mercedes E-Class is a great option for someone looking for a used luxury vehicle. They are cars in which most people that purchase one take quite good care of the vehicle based on an initial cost. Is this car a good option for you? Well you can always send me a message and I will help guide you through a pleasurable car buying experience.


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