Fred’s Philly @FredsDTPhilly

Since it’s the weekend, talking about some yummy cheat food sounds like the right thing to do. I’ve decided to tell you about one of my ol’d time favorites back from high school. We had the privilege of going off campus for lunch every day so the way lunch worked was very methodical and calculated. When going to a very popular place that was known for a line, we would have someone call ahead and make sure that all of us had our meals pre ordered for lunch so we didn’t have to wait. We always had to call an order into this restaurant and there was still a line every time.

On an older side of the town in a small shopping center there’s a little restaurant in the corner with a sign that says Fred’s. The sign has been updated a little since highschool but you still might miss it if you have no clue what you’re looking for. You see there’s a special little item that you get at Fred’s and that’s a philly cheese steak. When you walk in, it’s like entering into some sort of teleportation device that takes you to a sandwich shop in the middle of downtown philly. The walls are covered in philly sports memorabilia and the aroma is to die for.

There’s plenty of different types of sandwiches to order on the menu, but there are two popular sandwiches that everyone seems to gravitate towards. These are the Philly Cheese Steak(onion, steak, and cheese) and the Plain Philly Steak(onion & steak). I always go for the original Philly Cheese Steak; either way you can’t go wrong with your order. Your sandwich will come out hot and on a nice fresh hoagie in a red basket with and a sheet of red and white checkered wax paper. I always suggest that everyone have a little taste of the Fred’s special house sauce to see if you’d like it on your Philly. The sandwich doesn’t need anything else but what Fred originally intended, but sometime a little extra flavor it a nice addition to the original Philly.


The combination of great bread, fresh seared steak and onion all covered in cheese makes for one tasty sandwich. I will say this might not be the healthiest item to eat, but it  sure does make for some great comfort food. Next time you have an urge for something delicious and not so nutritious head over to Fred’s Downtown Philly.


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