Oddisee – The Iceberg @ODDISEE

In a time when we could use a nice refreshing sound in hip-hop, someone I consider to be an OG in the game drops an album. With an industry surrounded by 808s and quick hi-hats a welcome change in pace like this always sticks out. With live instrumentation and a soul that you can tell is living in Brooklyn this album could be considered a future classic.


The album has an overall live feeling that gives off a sort of ambiance throughout the entire albume. You can tell that Oddisee took his time with the composition of every song. I love it when an album has a cohesive sound like every track has to be played together. Don’t let the live instrumentation take away from what I consider the “bump”. These tracks hit hard in the car keeping your head moving to the beat.

With an already hard produced album, Oddisee has a foundation to lay down some crazy bars which is exactly what he does. From current political views to family and friends, from money, to just wanting to make music, the cities in which he’s stayed, and everything he’s learned along the way. Plenty of life lessons that we can all learn from combined with puns coming from left field. He keeps all of his intelligence and experience together in a seamless flow complimented by his smooth and soothing tone that also brings an emphasis when necessary. You’ll have to listen to The Iceberg a few times before you really start to completely appreciate the stories that Oddisee is telling us.


This album is something that I have been searching and waiting for pure listening entertainment. I have enough confidence to say that you all should stop what you’re doing and put this album on right now. If I’m wrong then come back and tell me why…I dare you!

Listen to the album here:

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