#Failure – the road to #success

Webster’s dictionary defines failure as, “omission of occurrence or performance; specifically :  a failing to perform a duty or expected action” or put simply a lack of success. What a powerful word in the English language. We are all trying to avoid this dangerous word as it seems to loom over us as we go through life.


I bet you all have heard the phrase before, failure is not an option. This is such a true statement for those out there chasing some sort of glory. My mentors say you can’t succeed until you fail at least once, and let me tell you, from personal experience they are correct. The only way to succeed is to fail and keep going because you learn from your experience. Failure is just another way that the world weeds out the weak so that the strong may prevail. If you haven’t failed in life then you really haven’t succeeded either. I have a question for you, when’s the last time you were struggling to complete a task and didn’t give up? Maybe an extra rep at the gym, completing an assignment, or maybe just something simple as doing laundry when you said you were going to. When’s the last time you said to yourself…I’m going to do this even though I don’t want to. That’s what success is.

This article is a key example of me telling myself, I’m going to do this. This article isn’t about me, but I had a failure of a day today on a big sale that isn’t going to happen. The normal me would of said forget everything that I said I was going to do today and let’s do something mindless. Instead I’m writing this article to explain to you all that I feel your pain but you can’t give up. I honestly wanted to procrastinate and write this article in the morning but that’s not a trait of a successful person. So I told myself to get this done because I always want to be a successful person.


You have to work through the failures in life in order to truly become the person that you are intended to be. Energy is everything and failure brings a negative energy that you have to break through. You see if you let negative energy overwhelm your thoughts and actions, that’s all that will come from them, a negative reaction. You must take the negative energy from failing and use it constructively and positively so that you may get a similar result from your next action after a failed attempt. We can all be better about pushing through the harder obstacle in order to see the light waiting for us at the end of the tunnel.


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