Why a Press Release(PR) campaign is necessary 

In this modern day and age when anyone and everyone can release their music to the public it’s a little more difficult to get noticed by an audience. So you have to go above and beyond to get yourself out to the world or no one is going to pay attention.You have to want it, you have to save your money, and invest that cash into yourself and your music. Those that are spending the most on PR are the ones that you always see which in return are the ones that eventually gain fans and fame.

The same concept that applies to the radio also applies here. The more times the public hears your song on the radio, the more likely it is that the song will get stuck in your head. Hopefully a consumer will relate whatever’s stuck in their head with who the DJ references before and after the song. The result is millions of potential fans all because of forced repetition of a song over and over into the consumer’s ear. Why do you think the commercials repeat the company name so much and have jingles? It’s so that it will get stuck in your head and you won’t forget to use that company when it comes time for their product or service.

PRESS RELEASE red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

I bet you are asking yourself how does a press release, or PR, relate to the above examples. Well you first have to understand that the days of modern music, that the internet is taking over the way that most people discover any sort of music. This all started in hip-hop with the mixtape and blogs progressing into full blown websites. Obviously iTunes and other streaming services have a lot to do with what is happening on the internet and how it is released, heard, and discovered. Since most people are discovering music on the internet, you have to apply the original radio and magazine methods to a new medium. Once an artist has been discovered on the internet, they have the opportunity to be heard on the radio which only plays top 40 and big money releases.

This is where a Press Release comes into play. When you, the artist, goes through someone like myself that has connections to most of the major blogs, you can get placements, reviews, and interviews on these sites where the big names are also going to get their music heard. This gives you the modern day effect that the radio use to give to an up and coming artist. There’s a lot of music out there nowadays and you have to be able to separate yourself from the crowd. Being A talented musician or writer no longer gives you the grounds to be heard by the world. Fans have dedicated websites that they go to in order to discover what they are going to listen to next. This way they aren’t sitting around all day trying to find something they like in a flooded market. It’s like any other sale in the world, if you aren’t where your customers are looking then who is going to buy your product?


That’s why for every song, album, video, or any other sort of media has a Press Release(PR) behind it so the consumer can find exactly what you want them to see. I recommend to all of my artists that you don’t even release something without a planned Press Release(PR) campaign ready to go. I say this because you are just wasting your time if you are hoping that someone is just going to find your music and all of a sudden you will be popular. This situation happens even less now than in the past. In order for someone to discover your music, you have to be actively putting yourself out there for the right people to hear you. So if you are seriously about turning your music hobby into a career, please do yourself a favor and use Press Release(PR) campaigns or you’ll find yourself with your wheels spinning.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or you are ready for a Press Release(PR) campaign, my contact information is below.


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