Social House @staysocialhouse

Do you need a place to go have some fun and socialize? Maybe meet some new people while you have some tasty food and play some adult sized games? Well there’s a name in Dallas that you can trust to always have a great time. Social house always has a crowd with plenty of activities that make you feel 18 forever.


I have had the ultimate pleasure of being able to visit both locations in Addison and in Dallas. I use to live in Addison right next to one of their locations and would be there for the fantastic 4-7 happy hour that they have Monday through Friday. The place is packed especially on Thursday and Friday afternoon when everyone is off of work and ready for the weekend and ready for some time to themselves. There’s always plenty of chatter going on everywhere you look with a lot of people walking in and out looking to network. Whatever Social House you might find yourself at, you’ll be sure to find a large crowd during happy hour.

When it comes to the weekend, Social House happens to also be one of the premier places to find some breakfast and mimosas in Dallas. I suggest you try to get there as soon as you can because there will be a line for a table if you wait too long. You’ll notice that everyone has a craft in front of them because Social House offers a great special on crafts. You can get two crafts for $10! That’s definitely enough to get you feeling some sort of way which is why I recommend getting in some sort of meal before you discover the patio and won’t want to go back inside. There’s so many good options on the menu for brunch, but somehow I always find myself ordering the belgian waffle since the weekend is when I eat whatever I want. I also highly recommend the biscuits and gravy; you have the option to make it spicy which does wonders for this dish.

Making your way to the patio, you will find an outdoor bar where  you can grab a quick beer in a plastic cup since everyone is outside and running around. The patio is full of oversized games like giant beer pong and giant jenga. You’ll want to grab a bench with an umbrella so that your group has a place to leave everything while you all go act like kids and play twister or run into each other in giant blow up balls. This place is nothing but a good time from the front patio to the back, the food and the atmosphere, Social House is the place to be.


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