Philly Phil- 24/7 @phillyphil828 @828PhillyPhil

Today I was sent some new grind music that’ll definitely be on my gym Playlist from now on. This track will make you want to go out and get money whether you’re broke or rich. I can see how a crowd would get hype to this song.


Coming out of North Carolina, Philly Phil has been on a mission to show the industry that he’s here to make some money and not play games. There’s quite a bit of evidence in this track as he talk about his reasons for rhyming so that he can get some money for himself and his crew. Phil makes it evident that he works all the time with this track “24/7”. The only thing his mind is focused on is getting paid and it sounds like he’s ready to find that cash.

Not everyone is motivated to work as hard as they need to in order to achieve what they want. Philly Phil makes sure that nothing will stop him from his daily grind. He gives us a little lesson in money reminding us that no one is watching you when the chips are down, but as soon as they’re up everyone wants to be around.


We can all take a lesson from this song and start grinding “24/7”. If you have read any of my other articles you all will know this is something that I preach about. I know Philly Phil is working his butt off to get these tracks to you all and won’t stop until everyone knows. From what I hear, all you need is this banging beat in your ear with his encouraging words and start grinding “24/7” like the rest of us.

Check out the new song here:

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