The Key to #Fitness

I have been in and out of the fitness community for quite some time now. Obviously during school I was involved in sports which automatically puts you in the athlete category. Back then I was a kid and didn’t completely understand what the body could do. As I got older, I began to experiment with different methods in order to attempt to gain muscle or get toned. Looking all the way back to high-school, I learned a lot but something has stood out to me the most.


What stood out to me is how much the body is truly affected by not only the workout you do on the outside, but what you’re putting into your body. What do I mean by that? I mean your meals, your drinks, your snacks, and anything else you consume throughout the day. It’s the age old saying about what you put into your body is what you get out or you are what you eat.

This seems like such an easy concept, right? You’re probably thinking…but what does this really mean I should be eating in order to get the results that I’m looking for? Well everyone is different which is why you have to find out what works for you. No matter who you are though, you need a few essential things in your diet. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I don’t care if you are trying to bulk, cut, just starting, or don’t work out at all, these food groups are always necessary.


Your body needs certain vitamins and nutrients to be healthy. Every single one of these vitamins and nutrients can be found naturally in the food we have available to us. The issue is that most people don’t even come close to eating enough of these foods if they even consume them at all. I’m not saying I’m some saint that eats all of his veggies and do east eat junk food, but I have certainly changed my diet to better myself for the future.

You should be trying to attain a well balanced diet that doesn’t starve you or leave you energy deficient. Everyone has a different balance that they need in order to get the most out of not only your workout but your body in general. The better your nutrition is, the better your day can and will be. That my friends is the key to fitness.


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