CLICHE – Thomas @IAMCleeche

I saw this crazy image that had me scrolling through an Instagram page asking myself, who is this guy with all this hair. I went on to figure out that he is quite the rapper. He has a freedom about his music that I can really appreciate and enjoy. I asked him to send me a song that he’d like me to check out but I can’t help myself but to talk about his whole EP. So as usual I sat down and took my time to listen to his whole project from start to finish, but this time I had to listen to it twice before I could really start writing. Not because I missed anything, I just wanted to listen to it again.


A 17 year boy out of NY who goes by the name of CLICHE has taken my attention from just about every angle when it comes to talent. He has an energy that I like to find when it comes to the type of hip-hop music that I listen too. Somehow he’s found this great sound that sounds to me like a combination of his native NY with some crazy indie sounds and some new wave 808s. CLICHE put this all together in his album, Thomas. From start to finish, each song has a cohesive feeling that really brings the album together. It’s almost like he draws you in with a cool and soothing vibe and then come in hard without losing control.

This young man knows a little something about the world and is speaking his part. He is enlightening while still staying on the lighter side when it comes to his tone. CLICHE covers a few important topics like race, inflation, and trump while still giving himself some room to have fun with some crazy rhymes over these unique beats. He’s an independent lyricist going against what’s currently considered hot in the Top 40 charts. Yet he’s still a relatable young man that loves to play video games and talks about Dragon Ball Z. For any above average person this project is a breathe of fresh air. Thomas is full of nothing but positive vibes and good feeling toward anyone who is listening to his music.


I suggest that anyone who can appreciate a great project go listen to Thomas because you will appreciate every second of this expression of self over an instrumental. CLICHE leaves everything in the booth and you can hear it on every single track on this EP. I bet there’s an equally as cool and indie video coming soon to go along with this project. CLICHE has so much potential to really grab the attention of a large audience in this industry. You all better keep an eye out for the man CLICHE as he continues to grow.

Listen to the Thomas here:

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