Asim Sujud – I Said No @AsimSujud

I have been sent some very intriguing music over the last few months, but I have never heard anyone like this since I have started writing about music. Besides the one popular civil rights rapper Jidenna, there are very few rappers who speak about a positive message. Well I have found someone that is all about his message and making sure that he can spread it to a large audience.

I had a great conversation with Asim Sujud and he explained to me that he understands and see what’s currently going on in the rap game and the world. He explained to me that he is here to spread his knowledge  and teachings so that others are able to op their eyes and take a look at his vision. Before he became Asim Sujud, his stage name was skullygoldieslick. He successful got himself into a position where he was performing at the House of Blues and Live Nation events opening for big acts like Kid Cudi, Nas, 50 Cent, and others. Unfortunately in the years 2007 & 2008, Asim lost his brother and mother giving Asim a reason to reevaluate his life and purpose on this planet. He continued his journey in the entertainment industry even growing into acting in major indie films but there was something more he knew had to be done.


In 2010 Asim Sujud decided to become more spiritually connected to his religion and stop making non thought provoking. He was then reborn as Asim Sujud, a man on a mission to use his influence while performing in front of thousands and say something that is going to, “…touch the people and have a true message, not just entertain.” Asim told me that his music and what he does hasn’t changed, but the way that hey approaches what he does has changed. This is reflected in one of his recent songs, “I Said No”.

Asim brings us a tone of some hard 808s with a message behind it. In the first verse he gives us an ideal conversation with an officer of the law and as as black being pulled over. He just wants everyone to be able to get through a police interaction without a shooting coming from it. Then he comes hard at you with the second and third verse about what he intends to do in order to help and prepare for what might come in the future. Asim preaches that everyone needs to get up and do for themselves.


Asim Sujud brings a bit of a comedy theme to the video by using a fake new interview at the beginning about a pill that he is trying to prescribe to people. As the video continues, he shows himself prescribing “no” to certain social issues that people are pressured into doing based on societal expectations. The message of this video is to do what you feel is right and say no to beliefs that may be outdated or closed minded.

He is on a mission and won’t stop until he gets his message to as many people as he possibly can using his talent. Hip-Hop is a great outlet for someone to address a large audience and I support what Asim Sujud is spreading through his lyrics. You all should pay attention to what Asim has to say because you might learn a little something and even appreciate what he has to say.

You can watch the video here:


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