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Over the last few months I have put a new energy into my fitness and health goals that like everyone else I have given up on before, but this time I have and will continue to succeed. I have lost all of my lazy, non fitness winter fat and gained an extra 10 pounds of lean muscle in the process. During this process, I have been experimenting with food to figure out how my body will react based on what and how much I eat throughout the week. I have tried a week of just about everything. From just fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to a week of only protein and carbs. The obvious conclusion that I have come to is that a well balanced diet can do wonders for the body. But what if you’re ready to take your training a little further?


Your body needs more to recover with the more that you train and tear your muscles. Modern society really doesn’t allow the time for everyone to be eating all the time in order to get enough nutrients to truly progress. This is where supplements come into play in order to help us push beyond what you may think is possible. I have been religiously on supplements before and haven’t found one that I like. I’ve been looking for a great balance of taste, efficiency, and effectiveness.

This time I went around to some popular supplement stores to see what they have and not what they have to recommend. Every time you walk into one of those stores they try to sell you on the brand that is tied to their company. So I went on an investigative mission to find the underdog supplement that can truly outperform what’s being sold to us. You have to take what the store clerk says with a grain of salt as they are there to sell what they are told to sell. A little comparing and internet research led me to an underdog company that goes by the name of JYM Supplement Science.


Developed by, Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., a highly recognized doctor among the supplement community, this is well researched and constructed product line. Dr. Stoppani was able to create products that have exactly what you need and nothing else. There are so many products that you run into these days that have extra amounts of carbs, sugars, and other ingredients that are unnecessary and possibly harmful to the body. This is where JYM Supplement Science is changing the industry.

I fully intend to to try and use JYM Supplement Science in order to breakthrough to the next level. JYM has a 3 product system that makes your choices simple and more effective. I plan on using the Pre JYM, Post JYM, and Pro JYM in order to get the most out of my workouts. Throughout my journey I will keep you all up to date with articles and videos about how my body is reacting to these products. I will also be sharing some of my workout and meals with a team 3 other individuals that are fitness freaks and personal trainers to compare results. Let’s put JYM Supplement Science to the test and get fit for l!fe.

Check out the supplements here

And here is Jim Stoppani, PhD


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