Exotic Airlines Radio – House of Artistry @EARHOA

In Dallas there’s a little known fact that most of the Hip-Hop and the overall music scene doesn’t like to work together for some odd reason. Maybe it’s just a pride thing that goes on around here, but I don’t understand the disconnect. It’s one of the main reasons that I started this blog; I just want to reach out to the word and let them know about my city and who I associate myself with. So I find other up and coming music online that deserves an article and do write ups on them if they are willing. Luckily this has helped me cross paths with some other people trying to unify the city.16864290_373185223063674_8190864010446611859_n (1)

While in the studio with one of my artists, LSJ, I was introduced to the camp coming out of Duprey Recording Studios. In this camp is a man named Tony also known as Silassie, the man doing what he can to put his people and his city on the map. I always admired his determination to really take action on something that I was also attempting to do. Last year he began a journey on the radio when he began his own weekly program called House of Artistry where he showcases the best talent from the area. You see artists need some help in this city making a name because it’s all about the brand now. The major radio stations are trying to help artists but there’s only so much that they can do with the funding that they’re given.

Silassie, an indie Hip-Hop artist himself, started this show to help artists like himself reach an audience and have a voice. He has joined a couple other local radio stations doing what they can to give underground artists a chance to reach a wider audience. Silassie and his co-host Brandon King, the king of the streets, give artists a chance to showcase their talent and really speak their mind to show potential fans who they really are. Thanks to the beauty of the internet, the House of Artistry also streams live visually. This gives artists that come on the show a chance to showcase not only their music but the videos too.


Brandon and Silassie give artists a thorough interview and a chance for an artist to really speak their mind about their music and what inspires them to create. Artists may do as they please on the radio to get their name out to the fans during the intervuew. For example, a lot of artists will come on the show and freestyle to showcase what they can do on the spot. Some other artists like to come on and do some sort of live performance. In between interviews, Silassie and Brandon play music that they find worthy of being considered a true musician or artist. These two have really given artists a place to be themselves in this city where that’s hard to find. Any artists looking to send in their material for a possible interview please see the contact information below.

Clip from the last show:

Radio Interviews: ExoticAirlinesRadio@gmail.com

Where to find House of Artistry:

Listen to the stream on their Website

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