$wami – everything will be fine, i promise @SwamiAlchemist

I’ve been going through some woman problems of late and that always gets me listening to some different types of music. Whether they are good or bad, everyone has memories of love and that significant other. This is a track that happened to touch me because of where I am in my life at the moment.

You have to love when a relatable song comes into your life at just the right time. I happen to come across a song that has a heavy relation to me at the moment by an artist that goes by the name $wami. This track comes off dark as he begins to reminisce on a woman that he can’t get off of his mind. The song starts off with this calm sample and then drops into a hard distorted 808 that’s sure to get your attention.

When the beat drops he is a calling out to the girl as her comfort and calming agent as $wami admits to his despise of life. She’s the one that can always make the world seem a little less gloomy. He continues to describe her and the qualities that he really appreciates in this woman.


My favorite part of the song though is when $wami gets sexual telling about their hotel evening full of lustful sex with no regrets. I love the intense detail that’s portrayed as he goes into a dirty outro. If anything this is at least a great sex song that can also having you reminiscing.

$wami is an artist that likes to explore the his art with different beats, flows, and cultural influences that you can tell clearly influence him. I’ve been bumping him hard in the car all day and it’s convinced me that he’s hard. Swami’s buzz is picking up everyday with an EP dropping soon. Keep an eye out for more from $wami.

Check out his music here:

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