BLVCK PLAGUE – Ultraviolet lifestyle (my life) @BLVCK_PLAGUE

If you have been reading my music articles you might have noticed that I have a little attraction to indie artists that like anime and aren’t exactly trap rappers. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with that music, I just tend to come across a different type of music. Or maybe that type of music just happens to come across me.

I was followed recently by an artist that goes by the name of BLVCK PLAGUE. I didn’t really think much of it as people follow me all the time from random accounts but this time was different. For some reason I had to click around his page and see what could possibly going on in his world. I came across a group of people that he seems to be involved with called XLACKED. I really appreciate unity in hip-hop so I had to give his music a listen to see what he had to offer.

Upon finding myself on his SoundCloud profile with only two tracks that both have some crazy album artwork, I knew I was about to have to listen close. I played his most recent song “Ultraviolet lifestyle”and was taken in by the immediate production choice. He has this smooth intro that cleverly goes into a head nodding, vibe out beat. He samples the song “My Life” by Mary J Blige to give us a new take on a funky classic. on top of that, he samples Ron Ayers, “Everybody loves the sunshine”, performing a sample-ception(Sample Inception).


Over this smooth beat, BLVCK PLAGUE begins to tell his story as he gives you a peak into his life and a little background about himself. It turns into a story about one of his friends that’s making his way through the drug game. This song is a display of rhyme skill while he introduces himself to you, the fans. Go check out the introduction of this next hot artist & producer.

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