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Some of you may have been to Dallas before or just know about the large scale of the city and how far everything is spread out. They have a saying around here that everything is 20 mins away; from my experience I can tell you that’s pretty accurate. You can only imagine that being an artist in this spread out city can be a little difficult because there’s so much ground you can cover. This can seem a little intimidating at times especially when unity is a hard thing to find. Luckily there’s some wonderful people that I have been introduced to who are doing everything in their power to unite this talented city and push it to the next frontier.

There’s a radio station and music collective call We Could Do Better that is bringing artists together around the DFW area. I was lucky enough to sit in at the station yesterday with a studio full of artists & musicians ready to showcase their talent. Host Heather Jay and her crew, Jay Green, I Ruler, Seven, and DJ Loud work well together putting on quite the show. They open the show with a great live band that goes by the name of Strangers at the Party. I could go on and on about how talented this band is but that’s for another article. Just know that Strangers at the Party is the party as soon as they pick up their instruments. The band plays in Heather who opens up the show, does introductions, and let’s her audience know the itinerary for the show.


Heather Jay and her crew usually start off with some clever and enlightening discussion on recent topics that might have some political or social influence. Sometimes these discussions can get a little hated but they are bringing up topics that need to be discussed. While I was at the station, they were discussing SXSW and some of the nonsense that was happening there since they had just gotten back from week 1 of the festival. The show then segwayed into the first interview with a band that they found at SXSW a few days earlier. All of the hosts play off each other during the interviews asking questions and having fun with the artists. The band went on to jam out live while everyone in the studio rocked out to some great music.

After a DJ break from the show, the band plays Heather back in as she goes into another discussion segment. This week surrounded the question, “what would you do every day for the rest of your life if money wasn’t an issue?” After some hilarious conversation it was time for another interview and performance from another artist that has been invited on the show. This week was a larger group than usual with 3 bands/artists in the studio to be on We Can Do Better Radio. The show repeats the process for a third artist to give them all a chance to introduce themselves as a person and showcase their talent live.


After the show takes its final break, they come back with my favorite part of the show. They call this segment the, “Rap Up”. This is when the in house band, Stranger at the Party jams out with the artists that have come up to the station. If I have anything to say, this jam session is a sight to see. While the band is going, the artists all start freestyling off of each other displaying some great lyrics. Heather even does her own showcase as she sings in between some of the off the cuff verses.

I’m so glad that We Could Do Better is continuing to grow and help the Dallas artists get a name out to the world. In order for a culture to thrive we all have to come together and this is a chance to get Dallas on the right track. It’s time to keep this city organized and show the world what this city has; like their slogan says, we could all do a little better.

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