On The Border in Addison @ontheborder

My girlfriend and I decided to go on a little mid week date so we took a trip to On The Border. Normally I wouldn’t do a review on such a common restaurant but this wasn’t your average visit to an On The Border. I can’t believe the story I’m about to tell you all.

If you have read any of my articles before then you know that I am normally a positive person. This review won’t be like anything I have done before because nothing was positive about this usually simple experience. From the time that we sat down at our table there was a negative vibe.


First I must say that the restaurant wasn’t that busy. My goodness, it was on a Tuesday afternoon, and it’s not like we came in the middle of a rush. After being seated, we waited patiently to see who our server was going to be so that we could have some chips like a normal visit. The first thing I hear from a lady near by is, “Oh God,” as she called on her coworker, “Marissa do you have any tables? I’m busy so can you get this one?” Marissa replied with, “I’ve been cut…sorry.” Our waitress then sighed and asked her, “well can you at least get these people started so I don’t have to?” From that point on we just knew it wasn’t going to be any good time.

Another lady, possibly another server walked up to us and took our order for a couple of waters. She then proceeded to come back with chips, salsa, and some water. Now if she was going to serve on us this would have been a better story but she didn’t. The grouch waitress came back quite some time later with a fake positive attitude to hide that she didn’t want to deal with us at all. She kindly delivered us our queso, took our order, and left us with an empty basket of chips to go with our fresh queso. So we waited to see if she noticed that we had an empty basket and would return soon as a good waitress would. Not to our surprise, she didn’t come back with anything. So we had to wait until she came back around so that we could get some more chips and water at this point because it had been so long.

348s (2)

After finally getting refills, our food was finally about to come out. To be honest, at this point we just wanted our food so we could leave. When you don’t feel welcome somewhere then it’s time to leave. Someone brought our food out and she came to check on us to make sure everything was ok. About half way through my meal she pushed the check on us and asked if we needed some to-go boxes for the rest of our food. Mind you we were planning on bringing food home but what awful timing. When she came back with boxes she tried taking my plate from right under me while I was still using it to eat off of! After that my girlfriend and I were astounded by how awful this woman was at her job.

Being the bigger person, I left her a 20% tip with a little message on the receipt from my girlfriend. I don’t want to tell you all what it read so she doesn’t get accused of anything. All I know is that this had to be one of the worst restaurant experiences of my life. Someone needs to fix this problem of staffing at On The Border.


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