Mad Squablz – The Art of Boom Bap

I might be a little behind on this artist’s most current release, but like many would say sooner is better than later. As many of you might not know, my family is from the east coast; my mom is from Buffalo, NY and my dad is from White Plains, NY. I was born in Baltimore, MD so you can only imagine how much the east coast is a part of me. I happen to be scrolling through a NY wormhole on YouTube and stumbled upon a jewel from my side of the US.

One of my favorite rappers of all time would be the one and only KRS-One. If you’re reading this and have no clue who this please go do your research before you even continue reading this article. The rest of us know how much of a staple this man is in the Hip-Hop culture. He was a part of making a style that was considered boom bap. This is a live influenced rhythm and beat in which an MC, yes Emcee, can truly express poetry and rap in it’s purest form. This is a style that has almost been lost in modern time but is still alive and breathing in everyone that can feel the boom bap.


I found some good ol’ New York boom bap from an artist who goes by the name of Mad Squablz. He is a Philly rapper that has made himself a name amongst the New York scene especially after winning a UMA award. It’s apparent to me from the way his beats groove and the way he flows over those live drums that he deserves to be recognized by the New York Hip-Hop scene. Mad Squablz also happen to win an award from one of my favorite sources and curators of great Hip-Hop music, Team Backpack. Winning their underground music competition of 2016 to really help get his name out to the world.

With Mad Squablz current release, The Art of Boom Bap: Generation Next, comes a different standard of what is to come within this industry. He brings us some hard hitting lyrics that some modern day rappers might call out of style or old. If you ask me, Mad Squablz has the flow that every rapper should be wanting to achieve and is the future. I mean he’s only 20 years old and he spit like he’s been doing this for 20 years! On The Art of Boom Bap: Generation Next, he reminisces about his life with us about his life while still touching on current events and thinking about the future all with this smooth flow that doesn’t miss a beat. This album will have your head moving up and down for all 7 tracks as your neck loses control as soon as the beat drops.


The Art of Boom Bap: Generation Next is an album that you need to sit down and listen to by yourself or with some friends that are all about the music. Mad Squablz has a lyrical talent that puts him on a whole different playing field from everyone else who thinks that they deserve to be a Hip-Hop artist. I may have been a little behind on this album, but I can guarantee you that I will be on his wave from now on. I’m ready and waiting for some more bars out of Mad Squablz that I know will take this industry by storm.

Listen to his album, The Art of Boom Bap: Generation Next, here:


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