On a Mission to Live #LiveLife

On this journey that I have recently decided to part on called life, I had to pick a starting point. So what does it mean to live for myself? Well on the top of my list was to have a healthy life. So as I do with everything else I am passionate about, I surround myself with knowledge and success of the particular subject.

When it came to the life campaign the first topic I could think of was the actual body. Life comes from us so that would make each of us the most important part of our life. What I’m trying to say is that you have to take care of yourself in order to live. The body requires a few things so that it may continue to function and live. For example, you need nutrients and vitamins in order for the body to function. Of course this all comes from everything that we put in our bodies. Not only does this properly fuel your body but also the brain. In order for man and our modern society to thrive and grow we have to feed ourselves the right nutrients in order to survive.


The mind is just as important as the body when it comes to being alive. You have to go beyond just nutrient to keep the mind sharp and ready to go when necessary. The brain is a muscle and you have to treat it as such by working it out in order to keep it strong. There are plenty of brain exercises that have been invented over the years to keep different functions sharp. Things like memory, focus, simple math, and spelling can be lost over time without constant practice. Most of us rare practicing quite a bit by doing simple activities such as reading a book or playing something like Sudoku. Brain stimulating activities help us to maintain a level of awareness and memory capacity which in return will help us with life.

They say that with mind and body comes the spirit. There’s many ways that one can get in touch with their spirit whether that be through religion or pure enlightenment, anyone can become more in touch with their spiritual side. This will help give one the ability to better find inner peace. With inner  peace one can have a deeper more meaningful thought process resulting in forward thinking.


There are many ways to improve the way that you live life, these just happen to be a few things that just about anyone can focus on. I will continue to talk about my life as I grow, progress, and fail with the rest of you. Live is all about those three terms on this never ending journey that stops with death. So let us all live like there’s no tomorrow and be the absolute best that we can possibly be.


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