Imaj – Something Real(Video) @realimaj

As most of the music that I discover, I was searching around the interweb looking for some hot talent. I took a break and went to go do some promotion on Instagram when I ended up running in a Dallas accoun that really caught my eye. His image said artist all over so I had to figure out exactly who this person is. What I came across is something that I wasn’t expecting at all.

There’s a Dallas artist that goes by the name Imaj that is taking the RnB industry by storm. I believe that there’s an 808 RnB wave that’s certainly coming out of the Texas and the rest of the South that Imaj can relate to. I can’t put him completely in that category, but I guarantee and Bryson Tiller would appreciate this artist, Imaj.

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His song, “Something Real” caught my attention on sheer opening production value. From a trained ear, you know exactly what great music should sound like and this song portraits that. Compared to the non mastered tracks that a lot of the industry is putting out at moment, “Something Real” is a piece of beauty.  You really need to hear this song through a quality sound source in which you can hear how crisp his voice and this beat are.

Imaj is singing his soul out on this song to a girl that he just wants to understand that all he wants is her, yet all she worries about are the groupie girls around. He expresses how much love he shows for this woman, but she goes around his back talking to all of these other rappers like she’s just another groupie. Imaj really paints a picture of how his life is as an artist who really just wants to be loved on this track.


In the second verse he yells out for his yearning for something real between him and a woman that actually cares for him. Imaj tells every girl out there what he would do for for them if they would only love him for the man he truly is. He even reminisces on the last time that he started to fall in love with a woman and how painful it would be to lose another one. No matter who you are or what you do, you can feel a song , “Something Real”.

This Dallas artist has me excited to see what sould possibly be next for this beautiful city and it’s rising Hip-Hop scene. With songs like this coming out, it’s only a matter of time before someone really catches on to the amount of talent in the area. Until then, keep an eye on artists like Imaj for the new wave.


Check out his music video here:

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