Strangers at the Party – Bubba @strangersattheparty

Are you having a stressful day, maybe you could really use a vacation, do you wish that you could just escape the nonsense of today? Well I have the solution for you! My solution doesn’t require any drug, extreme activity, or something you may think is completely ridiculous. All you need is a pair of headphones and some sort of music playing device, preferably with access to SoundCloud.

In your search bar, you need to type in Strangers at the Party and you will find a song titled “Bubba” in which the cover has a woman relaxing in what seems to be a pool. I was introduced to this band through one of the Dallas radio stations, We Could Do Better Radio. They are actually the live band for the show every Tuesday @8:15. Upon playing the song, you will be overcome with a wave of euphoric sounds that will take your thoughts into another dimension. They warned me that this song can give off the feeling of being high and the band was right. Immediately, the guitar melody comes in bringing in these ominous vocals that will have your head in the clouds.

Moments after our first show. Success is exhausting. Lol #dtxstreet 📷@winepapi69

A post shared by Strangers at the Party (@strangersattheparty) on Jan 24, 2017 at 12:52pm PST


Then we are introduced to a little cool rap with a conscious to keep us all in the right direction  but still calm us down and vibe out. Strangers at the Party are just like us trying to get through life doing everything they can to make great music for us, the fans. I love the smooth singing that ensues the verse really bringing the song together. The sound that these Strangers have masterfully created will want you wondering who they are and what’s next. You have to understand that “Bubba” is the first song that they have ever recorded in a studio. We all know that a recorded song sounds different from a song live. I have heard Strangers at the Party play live a few times now and I can tell you now that this is an experience that will have your body involuntarily gyrating to the beat that these Strangers create. They know how to jam together and will surely get any room jamming with them. Dallas has some many gems within the city and Strangers at the Party is one of those hidden bands that really has potential.

@aye_eye and @strangersattheparty taking the Stage. #deepellum

A post shared by Strangers at the Party (@strangersattheparty) on Mar 11, 2017 at 12:28pm PST


I am so fortunate to have met this band in their growing stage before they blossom into the super star talent that everyone can hear already. I almost don’t want to try and describe their music so that you may decipher yourself because it’s that unique. Be sure to keep an eye on Strangers from the Party as they continue to progress with their one of a kind sound.

Check out their first recorded song here:

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