Bobby Sessions – grateful.

I’ve been watching a lot of the Dallas and overall Texas music scene for about 5 almost 6 years now. I have seen some great artists rise and fall in this crazy place we call Dallas and I have been writing about it the whole time. Some of you have even seen some of my articles on different blogs and don’t even know that it’s me. I happen to have written about this artist before and even had the pleasure of meeting him early on in his career but he probably doesn’t remember that. I went to some of his early shows when I was out trying to be a rapper myself and stumbled into managing artists. I was then re-introduced to him through one of my mentors, Lou the Prophet, so we could work together but I lost his number. He probably doesn’t remember me but I know I won’t forget a rapper like this.

I’m a little behind on the Dallas scene since I have been focusing on Denver and their possible cultural influence on the US & the world. So this album that the current hometown hero, Bobby Sessions, dropped us came out a couple of months ago so I apologize for the late article. After listening to this project though, it doesn’t matter when you discover Bobby’s album because I consider this project to be a classic. There’s no pressure to listen to it right now but if you don’t, you’ll just be behind on a future classic.


Bobby Sessions titled this classic that I speak of, grateful.. Yes, that’s suppose to be in lowercase with a period at the end. This album immediately opens on a humble note with Bobby singing, “we have a ways to go” as he then introduces us to his life leaving off from the first album. The wonderful jazzy tone that is set on this first track that carries throughout the whole album. After releasing his first album, Law of Attraction, Bobby went out and did what every rapper should aspire to do, show the world what they have. I watched him go on a couple of tours and travel as he started being in the right places at the right times. Yet he was still in Dallas working his ass off for himself and the city just to stay afloat. grateful is an album in which Bobby gives us his life and what he has learned as he continues to grow after such a great response from his first project.

He touches on how much things have changed but also stayed the same in his life and around him. Most of you might not know but just because you have fame doesn’t mean that the money is coming yet. This dream takes time and Bobby reminds us of that throughout the album. This is a man who has seen the struggle and success and you can feel those stories as he speaks them on this album telling us in detail about his journey. This whole album is like a nostalgic moment for anyone who would consider themselves a fan of Bobby Sessions. The live rhythmic groove portrayed in the album will have your head moving up and down constantly without control. I might be a little biased because I love live instrumental hip-hop but the instrumentals on grateful are absolutely fantastic.


I know Bobby Sessions has been working his butt off for this unique live sound that he has masterfully put together. This city has a rapidly growing music scene that is spreading beyond its borders to the rest of the world. You all better watch out for my city, Dallas as it grows into one of the biggest hubs for great artists like Bobby Sessions. This album, grateful, is a staple in this city as other artists aspire to be like the man Bobby.

Listen to the album here:


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