Food Review – Asian Mint @AsianMint

There’s a little place hidden in North Dallas with a modern asian fusion that you might miss if you didn’t know what the restaurant represented. Upon arrival I was visually unimpressed by the outside of the restaurant as it’s just a regular grey two story concrete shopping center. One of those boring 90s shopping centers where there’s railing on the second story like apartment balconies. Don’t let my building description take away from this restaurant though.

When you walk into Asian Mint you will be overly surprised by the modern design and vibe that’s given off. Everything in the establishment is clean and sharp. All of the furniture and decor has this bold shape symmetry that lets every piece stand out in it’s own unique way. When you take a look around, you’ll  notice here’s an overall theme of wood, white, and green throughout the dining room. The color and texture scheme goes gives off a great ora for this restaurant.


You will be greeted at your table by friendly waiting staff that all have plenty of knowledge about the menu since you’ll most likely have questions. I was recommended to try the Pad Thai as a little birdie told me this is an Asian Mint specialty. As an appetizer I decided to order some Crispy Dumplings and get the chicken Pad Thai Woon Sen as my main dish. I usually find myself waiting longer than I expected for my food at most restaurants, but somehow the appetizer came out quicker than I expected. The well presented wontons came out just at the peak of my hunger as the highly anticipated atmosphere gave me high expectations for what was to come next.

As expected the wontons were cooked with precision, nice and crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. With a little dip from the soy sauce you have a perfect compliment of salty and crunchy do go with the veggies inside. Those wontons were gone before I knew it and I was ready for my main entre. Now this took much longer than I anticipated and the restaurant wasn’t that busy. I won’t hold it against them though; some say food is art and art takes time to perfect.


When it finally arrived, my eyes widened as I was delivered a pile of noodles covered in veggies still steaming on a the cleanest, bleach white plate you have ever seen. It made the meal pop as I prepared my chopsticks so I could dig into this dish. The noodles were worth the wait as a spicy and tangy flavor overcame my tastebuds. As I continued to chew the flavor switched to the chicken and eventually on to a peanut oil aftertaste.

I would recommend Asian Mint to anyone looking for a new experience in asian fusion cuisine. I will say that the cost is a little on the high end for the portion, but I can understand the cost based on atmosphere. If you have a little time and are in the mood for something different in the asian food world, I suggest you head over to Asian Mint.

Here’s the Menu & their Website

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