After being followed by this artist online, I wrote her a previous article for a new video of hers at the time. I didn’t realize at the time but after some research has I found out she had quite the buzz being the Billboard #6 up & coming artists. I’ve been watching her as she continues to develop her creative side as she releases another magical video.

This melodic beginning to a trance song gives Meresha a great opportunity to come in smooth as she builds up the power in her voice singing about her lover. As the beat builds Meresha sings about how much she would rather be with her lover, wherever he might be in this vast world, because love is forever. She continues to show off her singing voice as it builds the beat for a mellow drop after she holds some lovely notes.


This song is a little bit of a different style than what I expected from Meresha. I understand that she has always had this indie electronic feel to her music, but I believe that has been accentuated in this track. The beat is still there to compliment her vocals and not become the focus, but the overall  tempo of the song was more in your face than I anticipated. The drop still keeps the production pleasant as there’s no crazy distortion happening that might be too much for some people. This is a track that you can play at any time as it won’t ever be overwhelming.

To put it bluntly, the video is one of the trippiest things I have ever seen! There’s a barrage of creature like transformations that go to the music while she is singing her verse. It’s like the equalizer from Windows Media Player, the forgotten Microsoft version of iTunes, combined with creatures that are anything from jellyfish to a cell. The chorus consists of different close up shots of flowers blooming in fast motion as there are some crazy marker patterns on the corners of the video changing shape and color. During all of this, there are animated lyrics going in and out as the video changes up. This video may be a little trippy but it sure is entertaining.


Meresha is working hard at her craft as she continues her rise on the correct path. She has aligned herself with the correct people to create music with a different feeling that she’s developing well as she continues to release music. I can’t wait to see what else this year brings for this Billboard artist Meresha.

Watch her video here:

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