Gianni & Kyle – backstreet boy meets world @gianniandkyle

One of my favorite Hip-Hop duos is back with a full album after they dropped a few tracks last year to get some major buzz going. I have been watching patiently as another one of my predictions is doing so well with their first album release. I’ve been watching theses guys get some huge attention as the blogs picked them all up after I had written my first article about Gianni & Kyle. They were well on their way before I wrote an article about them; I’m just claiming that I had an eye on them before anyone else knew about them.


I found Gianna & Kyle from their track, “fuckboi” which was a fun intorduction song for this Hip-Hop/Pop Duos. Coming out the city I was born in, Baltimore, MD, Gianna & Kyle don’t have the traditional East Coast feeling that most would expect and I believe that’s what really makes them so special. This new album, backstreet boy meets world, has one of the most mellow West Coast chill vibes I have ever heard. The album even starts off with a song called “lax” that’s about Gianna & Kyle when the come up started and where they are now. They continue on with this feeling throughout the album as they sing about women and friends that have been in their lives before and are all showing back up because they are finally buzzing. Gianna & Kyle tell us about what I consider to be one of the best times in an artist’s career. That stage where you have the ability to make music without the worry of life so there’s a different attitude from your music. They are still in their come up phase where they are still having fun yet still making great music.

This album, backstreet boy meets world, had to be made in LA as you can just feel the West Coast influence going through the entire album as these beats have you imagining about the beach. I can only imagine this was made where the sun shines most days and you can hear the waves crashing on the beach from your window as the seagulls wake you up in the morning. I love the tone set by these soft rhodes and synths to compliment Gianni & Kyle’s voices oh so well. To me this album is all about that time in your life when you’re finally on track with what you wanted to do as a person yet the life around you has some fixing to be done.


Everyone knows what it feels like to be down while you are only trying to do right.backstreet boy meets world reminds us that perseverance can really help you achieve anything that you are chasing after.  For Gianni & Kyle’s debut album this is certainly one to go down in the history books on relaxing atmosphere and replay value alone. I love seeing artists that I believe have what it takes finally get what they are overdue. Keep an eye out for more Gianni & Kyle as they continue to grow.

Listen to the album here:

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