Jimi Tents – Phone Down (Freestyle) @Jimitents

By now, you all may have noticed that I have a warm place in my heart for New York hip-hop as I consider it one of the purest forms of the culture. When I get the pleasure of finding someone who can hold it down for the east coast I have to do my part to make sure that everyone knows their name. New York is a big city that has a huge hip-hop scene with a lot of great music getting overlooked. I’ve had to do some hardcore digging to find what I am looking for.

While going through music videos,  I came across someone who doesn’t have anything to do with what I consider to be the current hip-hop image. I’m talking about the over flamboyant trap image that has been spun into a fantasy within rap. This NYC rapper who goes by the name of Jimi Tents dropped a NYC classic called, “Phone Down (Freestyle)”. He comes in wasting no time over this non traditional southern style 808’s containing quick snares that most NYC rappers wouldn’t think to use unless their name begins with ASAP. The song starts with his immaculate presentation and enunciation of every word unlike the current “normal” in the industry. He even touches on this in his lyrics saying, “They try to say that I’m conscious, that’s cuz I don’t mumble…” explaining to us that because he’s not the normal industry standard, he’s been getting overlooked as a serious artist.


This is a track full of references to the current state of the hip-hop industry. Jimi Tents does everything he can to combat these mumble rappers. I love that he’s not using flows that might be expected from other east coast rappers, but is exploring his voice and developing a brand. Once I heard his track, “Phone Down (Freestyle)” I had to do some further research to really determine if Jimi has the potential to be considered one of the greatest to come from the city. I found an impressive catalog of music that held up to my expectations. Beyond this song, Jimi also makes  unique soothing songs that are able to keep your head bouncing throughout the day. Jimi shows us on his track “Phone Down(Freestyle)” that there’s more to being a great rapper than reping a flag or some jewelry.

Jimi’s video really had me hooked. He is jumping around on a roof while rapping at the camera, but keeps moving around as if he is trying to dodge the camera. This creates a great energy as Jimi climbs around and keeps moving continuing to execute his freestyle. Jimi and his video crew did wonders with this show video as they use some simple fast and slow motion effects to really set off the tone his lyrics create.

download (7)

I’m so glad that I found Jimi Tents because I was recently talking about wanting some new east coast hip-hop with a huge hip-hop head the other day. I must have spoke “Phone Down(Freestyle)” into existence without even realizing what I was looking for. Jimi Tents is in a great position to really capitalize on this industry full of mumble rap. If you were on a mission to find some lyrics, then your search is over. I know there’s a project coming soon that all need to keep an eye out for. Jimi Tents is the truth and no one can deny that.

Watch his new video here:


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