CLICHE – “uh hello” & “SP – 9000 W/ Montavious” @IAMCLeeche

Recently, I wrote an article about an artist that really shocked me with a flow and style that is so different that I go around selling people on him. Every person I have shown has had a great reaction to his music. I know most of us have either seen or reacted with a loud “yuh” whenever a track drops and is one of the hardest tracks you’ve  ever heard. Yesterday, he decided to drop a couple of tracks because it was his birthday and people have been loving the creative sound CLICHE has created.


This NY rapper is back with two more songs that will not only have you jamming out, but will also leave you yearning. For what? You might ask. For whatever your heart desires. On his track, “uh hello”, CLICHE is back with some crazy 8 bit sounds and thumping 808s that create the Thomas sound. He goes off about a mindset questioning those who think they’re ready. CLICHE is right to say you have to have the right mind in order to start your journey.

His other track is best described as wet. This beat reminds me of being underwater as the Rhodes keep you wavy.  The unique Thomas sound comes in using glass bottles, ping pong, and other 8 bit craziness that all comes together to keep in CLICHE’s vibe zone. He speaks on some of his usual topics as he explores the world, and talks about what he sees as he continues to grow. This is what I consider to be conscious party music. CLICHE speaks on peace, but we are still able to bump up and down to his track. The rhyming skill  he shows off on this track is incredible. This NY rapper is a crazy sound to discover.


CLICHE continues to show us that he deserves the position he’s in by releasing great music on this Thomas wave.  A sound like this can’t be overlooked as no one else comes anywhere near this unbelievable vibe. I know from the source that everyone should be looking out this weekend for a possible visual release. I have been waiting for a visual for quite some time now, and I’m excited to see what crazy visuals will go with his Thomas sound.

Listen to CLICHE’s new tracks here:

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