RON GRAMS – Bezel (prod. by kojo a.)

After posting an article for Gianni & Kyle I was taking a look at their Twitters to see what else people have been saying about them. I was fortunate enough to find the track that this article happens to be about. I actually heard about this artist before but I hadn’t seen anything from him in quite some time even though some of my music connoisseurs were talking about him.


I was given this track at the perfect time as I was about to head to the gym, and I love getting new music before the gym. The hype track that had me crunk before the gym was titled, “Bezel” by RON GRAMS. This track comes in with ominous keys that create a suspense for a drop that’ll make you want to go out and get “the crew Bezels.” This is the type of song that will get your heart going without you even thinking about it happening.

Next thing you know, GRAMS comes in hard rapping like it’s going out of style; going off on these nonsense rappers that can’t keep up with a flow like this. GRAMS wants everyone to know that he’s been putting in the work and is still better lyrically than these other rappers out here. He leaves us in suspense again after the second chorus wondering if he’s about to hit another hard verse. GRAMS doesn’t disappoint as he comes in harder than the first verse to show he really has talent. “Bezel” is an inspirational song that will make anyone get up and grind like you should every single day.


After hearing this track I had to do some more investigating to see what else GRAMS has been up to. I had to be sure that he had more music to back up this track. I ended up stumbling upon a SoundCloud full of creative music that experiments with vocals and different sounds that give RON GRAMS a vibe of his own. Stay tuned for more on RON GRAMS as my theory of an album develops with the amount of hype he has created.

Listen to RON GRAMS new track “Bezel” here:

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