K.Vation – Mine @kvation

This happens to be another Dallas rapper that I have been keeping my eyes on for the past two years. I have been watching him grow since he started with one hype track that represented Dallas well. He has grown into making some defining music for himself and the industry as he continues to inspire us all to do better for ourselves.


Sometimes we have to think about ourselves in order to really progress forward. The song titled “Mine” by K.Vation reminds us of this simple fact in a not so simple rhythmic concept. Like many who have come before him in this industry, with a rise in success comes the hate. In his song, “Mine”, K.Vation vents to us about all of the people who have been trying to bring him down as he does what he can to increase his value in Hip-Hop. Since 2014 K.Vation has been on my radar after the release of his track “Vision$” that I previously wrote an article on. He has done nothing but progress showing his display of rhyme skills has improved over the last few years.

He wants everyone to know that there’s no stopping him on this journey he has chosen even though many have tried. K.Vation is at a point in his career when people are recognizing his talent and status and know that he is about to level up. He knows this as he continues to gain traction in Dallas and the industry inspiring us all to continue our mission no matter who might be trying to hold us back. His inspirational words over this hard instrumental will have you yearning to get something of your own. K.Vation’s producer gave him a great platform with some spazzy 8-bit video game sounds that compliment the hard semi distorted 808s. We all should be thinking a little more like K.Vation; I know that “Ima get mine”, will you?


This is a great track for any time of the day whether you need a pick-me-up or you’re just feeling great and need a song to compliment the mood. I love what I have been seeing out of Dallas lately as the music scene continues to grow into a collective vision that we all may one day enjoy. We all should be thinking a little more like K.Vation; I know that “Ima get mine”, will you?

Watch the music video for K.Vation’s track, “Mine” here:


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