Nicky P. – Viiibin Out @NickyP__Music

This is a song that I have been waiting so long for. I am proud to say that I was even slightly involved when it comes to this artist’s next project. I had nothing to do with the actual music or the project, but I was invited to participate in a visual for the upcoming release.

DSC08128_1489086746248 (1)

I believe that there’s a current platform that a lot if artists are attempting to follow in order to follow the status quo. Whether this is to make money or because it’s just easy, I have no idea. Nicky P. is here to shift the wave. He recently released a single titled “Viiibin Out” to preview his upcoming project. This song gives Nicky P. a chance to display his rhyme skill as he introduces us to his transformation from his first album until now. With major progression not only lyrically but production wise also, this upcoming project will be something to behold.

Nicky P. raps to us about his feelings about the current industry. He speaks about his life and how they inspire him to create the music he gives us. This song has so much expression in it as he speaks about life from our perspective and his. Nicky P. enlightens us all as he out rhymes just about any rapper you could think of. This song is a great testament to the skill that I have seen Nicky P. hone in on this last year or so.

This is a little different from the production that I have anticipated from Nicky P. in the past. You can tell he has grown as he continues to experiment with his producer Willie Phantom. This beat is a great combination of some vocal samples and some unique synth sounds that will have you “Viiibing Out” while Nicky P. relates to us over the track.

Nicky P. has given us a great sample of what is to come on his upcoming project, B425. This project drops on April 25th, 2017playing on the title of the album. I can’t wait to hear what else Nicky P. has coming for us soon. Be on the look out for the NY native Nicky P. and his project B425 coming soon!

Listen to Nicky P.’s new track “Viiibin Out” here:

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