James The Mormon – Holiday(Ft. Taylor Bennett) @jamesthemormon ‏ @_TaylorBennett ‏

Writing about so many artists has me digging through the internet looking for sounds that I appreciate and relate to. Obviously, artists work with other artists and form bonds in order to help one another. I recently found a few artists all working together even though they all have their own rise to work on. I was snooping around on the internet looking for some good music and came across an artist that goes by the name Taylor Bennett. This led me to someone else who I happen to notice followed me earlier that week.


Since I was already looking at someone that he was working with, I had to find out what he was all about. This artist goes by the name, James The Mormon. To answer the question that everyone is asking themselves right now, yes he is a Mormon. Regardless of his religion, the man has a great ability to make music.  His track with Taylor Bennett called, “Holiday” a feel good song, encourages us all to live life like a holiday. James wants us all to live free but forget about all of the useless material purchases some might think living life like a holiday might include. He uses his smooth voice to remind us there is a system that you can get caught up in called money, and his recommendation is to look at what you have and play your cards right. Taylor does a great job describing money and credit in a few catchy phrases as he relates it to a woman focused solely on her money.

They do a great job creating this melodic classic over a new age pop/hip-hop beat that gives them both a great platform to lay down fun yet informative vocals. The beat is highly suspenseful giving us fantastic drops when it comes to the chorus.  A great beat that can match up to any industry standard. This fun, pop filled hit will certainly have you dancing to the drums while they play with their voices over the track.


James and Taylor put together quite a video for this song as they have a girl out with her father to introduce us to a couple of characters. All of a sudden a new day begins as this woman gets herself ready to head out into the world. As the day goes by, she runs into many people on the street during her travels and asks them is she can take a picture of them. With her collection of photos, she goes home to show her father how great of a day it had been. What a story as the pop duo has a few shots of themselves through the video in cut scenes as they smile and sing us the song, “Holiday”.

The song “Holiday” is a well written, fun hip-hop/pop hybrid that can be appreciated as an inspirational song. Jame the Mormon and Taylor Bennett both do a great job staying on message but still keeping the song light so that everyone can enjoy it. I know there’s big things to come from the two as Taylor and James continue to tour and release music.


Watch the video for “Holiday” here:

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