Nick Bryant – Monster @nickbryvnt

While going through some artists that I had already marked down as artists that I want to write about I found a song that I remember being quite fond of the first time I found it. I like to look for music all over the internet and I don’t always remember every track, including tracks that I save. So I go back and listen to what I have saved up, and find some real gems that I accidentally skipped over. This song happens to be one of those gems. I’m sorry for skipping on this song when I found it a month or so ago, but as they say, better late than never.


This artist that I’m talking about goes by the name of Nick Bryant who gave us the gem titled “Monster”. This track is a constant display of rhyme skill as Nick gives us straight lyrics on both verses. He calls out any rapper looking to challenge him because he is a straight “Monster” when it comes to his lines. He tells us about his ambitions, and how he has plans in the works that will show everyone he’s a “Monster”. I can agree with his views on other rappers out there claiming that they have bars like Nick. He has skills that surpass much of the competition repping for the hometown, Dallas, TX.

This is a hard hitting beat that will be sure to have you moving as soon as the 808’s drop and get you wanting to jump around like a “Monster”. This is a  darker song that accentuates what Nick Bryant is portraying in the song. The dark and ominous 808’s carry the beat giving Nick a good platform in order to showcase his lyrics. I really appreciate the mixing and mastering done on this track as the engineer did a great job with the distorted background lyrics, the balance of vocals, and the instrumental frequencies.


The video matches the tone of the songs as it’s a dark video that doesn’t allow you to really see anything. It’s all at night with no backlights to help the camera so you can’t see much at all. Nick walks up and down the street with a bat looking intimidating. You find some dark, panning shots of his squad posted on the corner looking ready to take over the world. They all have black on signifying the darkness that the visual and his image of this song represents. This video shows Nick is a “Monster,” and coming after every rapper who wants some.

I love when a song has such great replay value. Nick Bryant’s track “Monster” is a great example of one of those songs that I just had to replay right after I heard it.  This Dallas artist is doing some great work holding it down for the city. I can’t wait to see what else we get out of this Dallas artist.

Watch the video for “Monster” here:


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