Sikwitit @iamsikwitit

This is an old article but I had to repost it on the new blog(I didn’t edit this)…

This is somebody that everyone in the industry should be paying attention to. Sikwitit is not only one of the best producers in Dallas, but one of the best up and coming producers in the music industry. It’s astounding to me how much he accomplished as a producer and I know that I will have to somehow find out how I can work with this man for one of his banging beats.


Sikwitit got his start by going around to different beat contest and winning. I have witnessed the crowd go from the last producer who was just ok to his music that sets the entire crowd off. It’s an amazing sight! He has a sound that is unmistakable. He was able to show plenty of people across the world that he has what it takes to play with the big names….

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