2015 Volkswagen Touareg Review

Back when I was at the Volkswagen dealership, I always took a liking to one particular vehicle that wasn’t something that I would’ve ever taken a second look at. But because I was around the vehicle and educated on it, I started to really appreciate the overall capability of this Volkswagen. Sometimes you have to have something hit you directly in the face before you can really begin to comprehend the value of what’s being thrown at you.

When it comes to the Volkswagen Touareg, I had no idea how capable this SUV could really be when it comes to the overall value of what your purchase gets you. When I think of modern day SUVs, I think of housewives in the upper-middle-class area driving around to soccer practice or dance and getting the groceries for a large family. These SUVs are mainly used for street driving occasional curb and the grassy field for whatever sport of the season it is. Sometimes they might be put to the test of having to haul around a trailer with something heavy attached like a boat for the weekend. No longer are SUVs made in order for you to go through tough terrains to tread where no human has gone before like what a Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV was originally intended for. Now it is a glorified shopping cart and stroller for whoever is toting around the large group of kids all day….

Finish the article at WVY Auto Blog here


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