2017 Toyota GT86 Review @Toyota

The formerly known as Scion FR-S which is now the Toyota GT 86 was a highly anticipated car as we have all been waiting for a new rear wheel drive Toyota. We all know that there’s no real replacement for our beloved Toyota Supra that we all wish we had or wish Toyota would just remake it. After driving the FR-S I wouldn’t compare the two vehicles because they are in two different categories.

You see the supra was a powerful block that could withstand just about anything that you hook up to it creating a powerful machine. Obviously, the body was to die for but the block is the real reason to get a Supra. When it come to the more recent 2017 GT86, Toyota has made a fun car that fits in well with modern times. This compact 4 cylinder Boxer engine isn’t the most powerful engine with a whopping 200 Hp going to the back wheels. For those that don’t know, a Boxer engine has pistons that go more left to right instead of up and down. This means that Toyota can put the engine lower to the ground giving the car an overall lower profile….

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